Breed: Welsh Cob

Color: Chestnut

Sex: Gelding

Age: 12

Height: 13.75

Don't let Vinnie's cute face fool you, he is full-grown! He takes full advantage of the perks of being a pony, and knows he still has the vibrance of young colt! He loves when people come see him in the pasture, and is one of the first to approach to be petted. 

Sometimes he helps out in Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy, but he works most often in our Hippotherapy program, and just loves the little kids! Since he is a pony, he works with our smaller riders. As they get older (and heavier), he typically passes them off to the bigger horses like Spirit or Chip. 

Vinnie needs your help to sponsor his living expenses so he can focus on helping the little ones!

Annual Cost of Horse Upkeep