Breed: Welsh Cob

Color: White

Sex: Gelding

Age: 13

Height: 14 hands


Tonka is our only true white horse, and has the biggest free spirit! On his off days, he can be found causing a ruckus with his friends in the field... running, bucking, and having a good time!

He's always had a bit of a wild hair, and doesn't have the laid back/calm temperament we would need for Hippotherapy. However, Tonka fits in really well with our Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy! Some of the kids and adults with emotional challenges who come to us for help connect with Tonka easily, because he can exhibit the characteristics of a storm (unpredictable and anxious). Tonka wears his heart on his sleeve, so he can help others deal with the storms happening within and learn to cope.

Tonka currently doesn't have any sponsors, and needs your help! Will you sponsor him, so he can bring healing to lives of those we serves?

Annual Cost of Horse Upkeep