Breed: Quarter Horse

Color: Buckskin

Sex: Gelding

Age: 18

Height: 15 hands

Spirit was donated to ETC in 2015, and is beloved by many of our volunteers, staff, and riders! Several years before he was donated to us, he was in a traumatic-accident that left gaping wounds on both of his hips. His owner nursed him back to health, and has recovered tremendously! Some of the hair grew back, but there are still scars there. While his recovery was amazing, the healing process was painful. As a result, he is more timid when out in the field with people. 

With his previous experiences, he is able to serve well in all of our programs. In Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy, he is empathetic of the painful healing process, but with his patient personality he will stick it out with anyone knowing that recovery is worth it! While he is more timid in the field, he is very confident in the arena, taking great care when working in Hippotherapy with our riders. He knows when there is someone more fragile on his back, and seems to take that responsibility very seriously!  

Will you consider sponsoring Spirit so he can serve those who need his help?

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