Breed: Regular Pony

Color: Bay

Sex: Gelding

Age: 16

Height: 13 hands

Joe is a sweet little pony, with lots of personality! He loves to be scratched and petted, and will be your best friend if you give him a treat! He has the tendency to work hard and play harder! He knows when he is on the job, he has to pay attention and be careful. He's more mischievous in the pasture with his friends, and will start a stampede of running and bucking! 

Joe works most often in Hippotherapy or Therapeutic Riding. As a pony, he prefers the smaller kiddos on his back. He works hard to help the kids grow stronger, and when they get older he passes them off to the bigger horses like Chip and Dunner.

Will you consider sponsoring Joe so he can help the little ones get stronger? 

Annual Cost of Horse Upkeep