Meet Major

 Major is one of the most handsome horses of all times. Just ask him! He works as our Hippotherapy and Therapeutic Riding horse...and as our Male Model of the year. 


Meet Vinny

Vinny likes long walks in the field and basking in the sun. He is one of the most loved therapy horses around!


Meet Bugsy

As one of the most exciting guys around, Bugsy is loved by all. His favorite food is apples and he loves being pet behind his ears!


Meet Spirit

Just like the name...this horse comes with a lot of spirit! You'll see this beauty running through the fields and playing games with the other horses!


Meet Chip

Chip is our chubby guy. He loves any and all food, so we have to keep a close eye on him! 

Meet Buck

Don't let this handsome fellows name scare you. Buck is tame and very lovable. He loves his clients/friends and is such a great part of our team!

Meet Dunner

Dunner is another "pretty boy" but he loves to work! However, he likes to make our horse handlers chase him. 


Meet Freckles

Need we say more? Freckles best friend and partner in crime is Half Pint, who you will meet when you first come out to ETC.



Meet Joe

Joe's is another huge part of our team. He likes rain and rubbing up on our trees in the field. 

Meet Star

Not only does Star's spot help define her. She is the star of the show!