Breed: Mini

Color: Chestnut

Sex: Gelding

Height: 7.75 hands

Half-PInt came to us several years ago. His previous owner loved him very much, and used him in civil war re-enactments to pull a cart! He did this for several years, and was donated to help kids and adults with emotional challenges. Because of his previous experiences, he's been desensitized to so much and is pretty much "bomb-proof" (which means not a lot gets him excited or nervous)! 

He is shy, and doesn't trust people easily. Because he is so guarded, sometimes the kids have to be very patient and calm for him to let them approach. He works in Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy program for this reason, and teaches children how to trust and build relationships and confidence.

Half-Pint has been given a few monetary gifts to help with his care, but currently doesn't have any monthly sponsors. Will you consider sponsoring Half-:Pint so he can bring healing to those we serve?

Annual Cost of Horse Upkeep