ETC Wish List

ETC appreciates the donations and volunteer services of everyone who chooses to give back to the Ozark community. We thank you in advance for your consideration and donations to our mission of developing a better quality of life through accredited equine-assisted therapies. Listed below, are items our organization would love to receive to improve our facilities and daily operations. We also accept donations that are not on our wish list, all donations that have a motor must be fully functioning and running. Thank you all who donate and volunteer!

IMG_1098 2.JPG

Big Ticket Items*

  1. Tractor

  2. Farm Truck

  3. Riding Lawn Mower/ Lawn Services

  4. 14 Rubber Mats for Stalls

  5. Horse Trailer

  6. Golf Cart


Maintenance & Construction

  1. Lumber/ Timber

  2. Rails/ Screws

  3. Rakes/ Shovels/ Tillers

  4. Gardening tools

  5. Chain Saw

  6. Weed-eater

  7. Gas Cans

IMG_1062 2.JPG

Equine Supplies

  1. Tack

  2. Round Pen

  3. Hay

  4. Stall Shavings

  5. Grain

  6. Horse Treats

  7. Hay Mangers

Office Supplies

  1. Pens

  2. Printer Ink

  3. Printer Paper

  4. Binders

  5. Highlighters

  6. First Aid

  7. Couch

  8. Chairs for Obs. Room

  9. Computers/Laptops