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ETC Receives Community Support through Grants and Donations

       Equi-librium Therapy Center couldn't be more grateful for the immense support of the local community. Through both grants and donations, ETC received $22,870 to be used for different projects and needs that will help better our therapies and in turn help our clients get the most out of their experience. 

     The Stanley and Elaine Ball Foundation Grant presented by Central Trust Company granted ETC $21,370. These funds will be utilized for the construction of a handicapped-accessible restroom. This in-facility restroom will be built off of our arena so restroom breaks will no longer take a large amount of the client's therapy time. Previously, clients would have to go to the ETC administrative building located about 155 yards away and a majority of the time this involved loading the client into a vehicle. 

     Finley River Community Foundation presented ETC with a grant of $500 for the use of purchasing therapy equipment. This equipment will include therapy equipment, props and sensory toys that will be used during sessions for exercises and stretches to help engage the client.

     Nixa Community Foundation of the Ozarks also presented ETC with a grant of $500 for the use of purchasing the rest of the therapy equipment needed. With both grants, ETC will be able to purchase a majority of the equipment needed as these needs total to over $2,700. 

     The Bank of Missouri chosen ETC as the Annual Christmas Charity to receive a gracious $500 donation. 

     "Thank you to each organization for the funds given so we may replace outdated equipment with new and updated therapy equipment," says Executive Director, Kent Crumpley.