Equi-Librium Therapy Center Brings the Color Run BACK to Springfield!

The Color Run is Going Tropical For A Great Cause!

ETC has done it again!! We are proud to announce that The Color Run will be making it's way BACK to Springfield this year! There will be even more happiness brought to our area as The Color Run switches gears to a beautiful Tropical theme! 

Let's have an epic celebration as Tropicolors form bright color clouds and takes over downtown Springfield. Participants will experience an all-new Tropicolor Zone on course, where they will be bathed in a tropical array of colors and delicious island scents as they pass through the shade of palm trees, arches, and island-style music. At the Finish Festival, Color Runners will enjoy even more fun at Rainbow Beach, an interactive island featuring music, dancing, unique photo opportunities, and massive color throws. 

Not Feeling Like Running?

Not the Running/Walking in a 5k type? That's ok! ETC needs 240 Volunteers to help throw color, give t-shirts and have an overall blast with! Contact acrowleyetc@gmail.com or call our office to sign up! 


$5 Coupon Code Below

The BEST part is, our Color Runners can SAVE $5 with our COUPON CODE (ETCTHERAPY) and become a Color Runner Hero for Equi-Librium Therapy Center! Make sure SAVE OR COPY THIS CODE and then click APPLY COUPON CODE when paying for registration and punch in our code in ALL CAPS! Not only do you save $5, the Color Run will donate $1 of your fee to ETC (at no extra cost to you)!

Donate A Little More!

If you are feeling a tug on your heart to give a little extra, you can make a donation directly through registration! Just click DONATE and put in your amount. Click HERE to Register!

Become A Sponsor!

Looking for an extra way to give!? You can become a SPONSOR for Equi-Librium Therapy Center's Color Run! We have several color stations available where you and your colleagues can throw color, hang a banner or wear your business's gear! Contact ETC TODAY!! 

Help Support us to raise a goal of $2000 from registration by sharing and liking this blog post! AND Use our Hashtag ‪#ColorRunETC‬

Posted on February 8, 2016 and filed under Events.