Breed: 3/4 Quarter Horse and 1/4 Arabian

Color: Gray

Sex: Mare

Age: 9

Height: 14 hands

Bella came to ETC in December 2017. She was pretty nervous when she first arrived, because it had been the first new place she had ever been! After spending a little time here, she quickly became comfortable and began to enjoy her new life! She first befriended Honey Biscuit and Half-Pint, and they can be found munching on hay together in the field. She is also very playful, and can be seen holding her tail high galloping around the field! It's a beautiful sight to behold!

Bella is currently in training to work in our Hippotherapy program, and still has a few things to work on before she is partnered with one of our riders. She has a very sweet temperament, and loves people a whole lot! 

Bella doesn't have any sponsors yet, and needs your help! Can you sponsor Bella so she can help those we serve to the best of her ability? 

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