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October 22nd NIGHT Color Run in Ozark!
We are at it again, only this time, we're GLOWING!

The Color Run is coming BACK into Southwest Missouri on behalf of Equi-Librium Therapy Center, only this time, for a NIGHT RUN!! 


Features glowtastic color zones, illuminating bubbles, and neon color throws! Tickets available soon!! 

Also, If you would like to Volunteer, this is how ETC gets proceeds from The Color Run! 

We Need your help!! In order to help reach a $10,000 proceed for the run, we need 250 volunteers! If you aren't a runner, and want to be a part of the fun, PLEASE volunteer!! 
Registration isn't open yet, but send us your information and we will contact you for FIRST DIBS on where your station will be during the run!!! Bring friends and make it a party!

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I Want to Volunteer For The Night Run!


Here is 3 of ETC's Outstanding Volunteers! Come join the Team!


Be Part of the Team! Volunteer Today!

ETC is needing volunteers!  It is easy!  We are having a training Thursday, September 1st at 4:30 pm at the ETC office.  Our volunteer form is here on our website.  You must be 14 years of age or over.  Our sessions run for 8 weeks and are on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday evenings.  Volunteer as much as you like! You DO NOT need to have previous experience with horses or disability knowledge. We will train you. 

 Call the office (417) 830-1409 for questions.  THANK YOU!


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Thank You

We just wanted to thank all of our Donors, Sponsors, Volunteers and Clients. Without all of you, our life-changing therapies would not be possible. You are what makes the difference in this world. Thank you.

Thank you Missouri State University Department of Nursing

Equi-Librium Therapy Center (ETC) would like to thank the Missouri State University Department of Nursing and Nursing Student, Kelsi Noeth for the many hours or research recently done to answer the question of the feasibility of ETC filing for Medicaid to cover therapy services.